Iceland Poppy online tutorial


In this one hour video lesson you will find step by step instructions to show you how to create lifelike Iceland Poppies.

Chapters of the class include
- Centre/Ovary
- Attaching stamens arround the centre
- Make wired petals, adding texture, frilling and dusting
- Assembling  the full bloom flower
- Make an open bud
- Make closed bud
- Create poppy leaves
- Colour the flower, buds and leaves with dust colours.
- Arranging the floral components into a pretty spray.

During the lesson a lot of advice and useful infromation from Alan Dunn himself.

You will receive the PDF with link to lesson by email.

The PDF file will provide you with the link information to Vimeo. Keep your link safely.

In the PDF file you will find the Gum paste (Flower paste) recipe, equipment and materials list and more.

*NO REFUNDS of digital products as pdf or videos"

The video is not to be shared and is for your use only.